Woolworths Shop App
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2019 - 2020
Woolworths Shop App

Transforming shop experience for the largest supermarket in Australia

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Woolworhs is the biggest supermarket brand in Australia. The flagship mobile app plays a vital role in helping customers to plan, shop and save on groceries. Since I joined, the monthly active users have grown from around 500k (2019 Aug) to 1.4m (2021 Sep) with monthly revenue of over $33m 💥.

My Role

Product designer

#1 Illustration system

❓ Problem

It all started with the app's error & empty states. When I joined, there wasn't a consistent style of digital illustration set nor the guideline of when and how to utilise them. As a result, the app has an uneven experience across both iOS and Android platforms.

✨ Solution

Introducing a new illustration system used across mobile app and the eCommerce website, boosting user experience at scale.

📏 Approach
💥 Impact
Before: Inconsistency across both platforms

After: Introduce new illustration style

#2 Delivery Now

❓ Problem & Opportunity

Grocery delivery is one of the primary tasks for our customers on the app and website. As an opportunity for providing premium service, the business wants to create a new delivery service type to deliver within 2-3 hours.

✨ Solution

Adding the option into the current delivery window with extra onboarding content.

📏 Approach

One measurable MVP solution plus one long-term solution

Before: Old delivery window
After: with delivery now window

#3 Product tiles

❓ Problem & Opportunity

As the main UI element that users interacted with, product tiles have been using the legacy design that is less accessible and over complicated.

✨ Solution
Before: legacy product tiles
After: new product tiles

#4 Other concepts

Apart from day-to-day delivery work, we also experiment with new concepts and interactions.