Christmas Fund
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Release Christmas Fund

Celebrating the moment of unlocking Christmas fund

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Everyday Rewards loyalty program has 3 different rewards redemption settings. One of them is "Bank for Christmas" which allows customers to put away rewards dollars and use during the last month of the year.

👨‍💻 Role

Led the end-to-end design process

❓ Problem

Customers lose rewards dollars to fraud redemption. Because there are no security measures placed on Rewards Barcodes.

✨ Solution

Introduce a lock mechanism that secure customers’ Christmas fund before December. Give customers the option to unlock during Christmas time.

🎯 The Goal

Secure customers’ Christmas fund in a seamless manner

Our Design Process

User journey mapping

Even though the main app journey is fairly simple, mapping out all the touch points and scenarios helps us to understand the problem and customers a bit better.

Through the exercises, we defined a few key elements.

  1. 💁‍♀️ Targeted customers - Customer accounts that over $100 worth of Christmas fund

  2. ⚠️ One-off action - Once unlocked, we won’t be able to secure the fund again

  3. ⏱ Time constraint - Unlock action will take up to 15mins come into effect

  4. 🎉 Delight - A delightful action while release the fund

Main Journey

Story mapping

Service blue print

Reverse the mental model

So far, the problem we are trying to solve is negative even though we have a rough idea to make it work. However, we also want to turn it into a much more positive solution that actually brings delight and rewarding experience to our customers.

Rewarding push notifications

Frame it as a celebratory moment

Design exploration

With the goal in mind, we start to explore a few options.

Explored different solutions from just get the job done to delightful interactions
Just get the job done versus delightful experience
User testing

We went through one round of testing. The main goal is to understand the sentiment of lock mechanim, comprehension of the lock icon, and the overall messaging.

Key learnings
  1. 🎅 Everyone understood the message. They love the Christmas gesture. Some commented that it reminded them of an old Christmas bank account – perceived positively.

“There is a nostagia to it.”

  1. 🔐 No participants questioned “Why did we lock their Christmas savings in the first place?” Rather, they perceived it as a feature we added for the Christmas specifically.

one of the participants don’t mind it and it reminds him of Up bank that has a similar gesture to perform a different action rather than refresh.

  1. 🎊 Everyone has a positive sentiment on it due to the reason that it was perceived as a helpful way to help them save for an expensive time of year. One participant even coined the word “activate my savings” instead of “unlock my savings”.
Design handoff

After assessing the effort and learnings from the testing, we eventaully decided to use the slider approach. Closely work with our business analysit to flesh out all the scenarios. Craft out the slider movement with the developers.

Rewarding push notifications

Cafting out the slider
Fleshed out UI in 2 platforms

💥 Impact


😢 Calls regarding Christams fraud


🎉 Calls regarding Christams fraud ( 75% less )