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Curated Weekly Offers

A curated personalised offer experience to help customers save expenses on grocery shopping.

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Everyday rewards is the official loyalty program for Woolworths. As one of the biggest loyalty programs in Australia, it provides various offers to customers.

Engaged customers receive weekly product offers in the app based on previous shops. Through those offers, customers will get rewarded by shopping the same products within a period of time.

Weekly offer lifecycle
👨‍💻 Role

Led the end-to-end design process

❓ Problem

Currently weekly offers are consumed by legacy design, which doesn't fit the business long-term vision.

🎯 Goal

Design a new offer tile that fits the context and vision of weekly offers.

✨ Solution
Legacy design: the tile is not catered for the weekly offer; it activates all by tapping one button which defies "user control and Freedom" heuristics.
Design elements
  1. Multiple brands - Business also seeks commercialisation in the near future. The new design needs to cater for a multi-brand weekly offers state.

  2. Key dates - Educate customers on the date to activate as well as the expiry date for each weekly booster

  3. Activation behaviour - The solution is flexible to accommodate multiple user behaviours. They need to have the option to activate either single or multiple boosters.

  4. Multiple offer type - As a brand new offer type, consider how it co-work with other offers without creating an extra cognitive load for customers.

  5. Post activation journey* - As a future state, consider how might we help customers to earn bonus points after activating the weekly offers.

  6. Enhanced personalisation* - As a pain point, address a better-personalised offer experience that drives better engagement

Design exploration

Gives users a more immersive experience when browsing through weekly offers

Approach 01
Full-screen view & See all page
Boost all gesture & See more option
User testing

We conducted a user testing session with 6 participants.

Key learnings
  1. Participants have no issues with the new horizontal scroll view of the weekly booster. However, not everyone notices the horizontal scroll.

  2. 4 out of 6 users think the pull to boost is a very new pattern to them as they assume pull gesture is mostly used for refreshing.

  3. Half of the participants would like to boost all the offers on the homepage rather than going to the “see all” page. We revalue the purpose of having to see all pages.

“ Give me the option to boost all on the points tab! ”
" Didn't saw the pull to boost because I was focusing on the scroll, I would make that more visible..."
  1. Remind me is quite clear in all the participants perception. It was comprehend as a mean of helping them tracking offers. Most of them thought it would let them choose the time to prompt notification.
“Maybe remind me will give me a alert to on day specifically for me to choose”
Design Iteration

Based on the key learnings from the testing, we made a few changes:

Simplify the section by removing "see all" page. Add "boost all" option upfront.
Design handoff
Flesh out UI with platforms

Component and Anatomy
What's next